Meaning of AMIDISM in English


ˈaməˌdizəm noun

( -s )

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: Japanese Amida the Buddha Amitabha (from Chinese a 4 -mi 2 -t'o 2 -fu 2 , from Sanskrit Amitābha, a Mahayana Buddha, worshiped as the Buddha of boundless light, life, and mercy, literally, of boundless light, from amita boundless, unmeasured — from a- a- (II) + mita measured — + ābhā light, from ā towards + -bhā, akin to bhāti it shines) + English -ism; akin to Sanskrit māti he measures — more at acharya , fancy , measure

: the Buddhist cult of Amitabha that promises rebirth in paradise to its followers and emphasizes salvation by faith — see pure land

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