Meaning of ANILINE in English


I. ˈan ə lə̇n sometimes -ˌīn or -ˌēn noun

also an·i·lin -_ə̇n

( -s )

Etymology: German anilin, from anil indigo, (from French, from Portuguese, from Arabic an-nīl the indigo plant, from Sanskrit nīlī indigo, from feminine of nīla dark blue) + -in -ine, -in

: an oily liquid poisonous amine C 6 H 5 NH 2 colorless when pure and obtainable by destructive distillation (as of indigo or coal) but now usually made by the reduction of nitrobenzene or by the high-pressure reaction of chlorobenzene and ammonia and used chiefly in organic synthesis (as of dyes, pharmaceuticals, rubber chemicals, and explosives) and as a solvent; amino-benzene

II. adjective

: relating to aniline : made from or by the use of aniline or a chemically related compound

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