Meaning of ANISOTROPIC in English

|aˌnīsə|träpik, a|n- adjective

also an·isot·ro·pous |aˌnī|sä.trəpəs

Etymology: an- + isotropic, isotropous

1. physics : exhibiting properties (as velocity of light transmission, conductivity of heat or electricity, compressibility) with different values when measured along axes in different directions : aeolotropic : not isotropic

an anisotropic crystal

2. botany : assuming different positions in response to the action of external stimuli

3. : having a predetermined axis or axes — used of the eggs of certain animals

• an·iso·trop·i·cal·ly (|)aˌnīsə|träpə̇k(ə)lē, a|n- adverb

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