Meaning of ANODIC in English

(ˈ)a|nädik, -ōd-, əˈnä- adjective

Etymology: Greek anodos road up (from ana- + hodos road) + English -ic

1. : ascending

2. botany : turned toward — used only of that half of a leaf which is turned toward the course of the genetic spiral; compare cathodic


[ anode + -ic ]

a. : of, at, or relating to an anode — opposed to cathodic

b. of a chemical element : tending to form an anode in an electrochemical cell in relation to another element, often hydrogen

zinc is anodic to copper

4. : produced by or involving a process in which a metal is made to serve as the anode in an electrolytic cell (as for coating the metal with an oxide for protection)

anodic coating

anodic finish

anodic treatment

• an·od·i·cal·ly (ˈ)a|nädə̇k(ə)lē, -ōd-, əˈnä- adverb

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