Meaning of ANTENNA in English

I. an.ˈtenə, aan- noun

( plural anten·nae -(ˌ)nē also -ˌnī ; or antennas )

Etymology: Medieval Latin, from Latin antemna, antenna sail yard

1. : one of the paired movable sensory appendages of the preoral segments of the head of certain arthropods (two pairs being present in most crustaceans, one in insects and myriapods) consisting typically of basal scape, intermediate pedicel, and elongated multisegmented terminal flagellum, the last often much specialized and bearing numerous sensilla that function chiefly as touch and olfactory receptors — called also feeler

2. : an organ on certain lower invertebrates (as rotifers) that is similar to the antenna of arthropods

3. plural usually antennas : a usually metallic device (as a rod, wire, or arrangement of wires) for radiating or receiving radio waves

II. noun

: a special sensitivity, alertness, or receptiveness — usually used in plural

helped in her career by sensitive political antennae

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