Meaning of ANTI in English

I. ˈanˌtī, -_tē, ˈaan-, ˈain- noun

( -s )

Etymology: anti- (I)

: one who is opposed (as to a practice, law, policy, or movement)

the division of the country into pros and antis — Atlantic

II. adjective

Etymology: anti- (I)

1. : opposed especially to a proposal or policy

the anti group

2. : trans — opposed to syn ; compare anti- I 7

III. preposition

Etymology: anti- (I)

: in opposition or enmity to : against

he has always been anti sales tax

IV. ˈän(ˌ)tē noun

( plural anti or antis )

Usage: usually capitalized

Etymology: Spanish, of American Indian origin

: campa

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