Meaning of ASBESTOS in English

I. noun

also as·bes·tus asˈbestəs also azˈ- or əsˈ- or əzˈ-

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English asbestus mineral supposed to be inextinguishable when set on fire, alteration (influenced by Latin & Greek asbestos ) of albestron, probably from Middle French, alteration (probably influenced by Latin albus white) of abeston, from Medieval Latin asbeston, alter of Latin asbestos, from Greek, unslaked lime, from asbestos inextinguishable, unextinguished, from a- a- (II) + (assumed) sbestos, verbal of sbennynai to quench, extinguish; akin to Lithuanian gesti to be extinguished, Sanskrit jasate he is exhausted and perhaps to Old High German quist annihilation, Gothic qistjan to destroy, Tocharian B käs- to pass out of existence

1. : a mineral (as chrysotile, tremolite, or actinolite) that readily separates into long flexible fibers suitable for uses where incombustible, nonconducting, or chemically resistant material is required


a. : a mineral fiber usually long, smooth, and white

b. or asbestos yarn : a yarn usually made of asbestos or of asbestos and other fibers

3. or asbestos curtain : a fireproof curtain made of asbestos or other material and used in a theater to close the proscenium opening in case of fire

II. adjective

: made of, containing, or resembling asbestos

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