Meaning of -ATIVE in English


When the preceding syllable has a stress ( as in “purgative” ) əd.iv or ətiv or, sometimes in some words (as “rotative”) answering to paroxytone disyllabic verbs in “-ate”, ˌād.iv or ˌātiv or -ēv also -əv; when the preceding syllable is noninitial and unstressed ( as in “legislative” or “nominative” ) ˌā- or _ə-; in some words (as “elative”) answering to oxytone verbs in “-ate”, ˈā- adjective suffix

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French -atif, from Latin -ativus, from -atus -ate + -ivus -ive

: of, relating to, or connected with

authorit ative

consult ative

norm ative

quantit ative

: tending to

fix ative

form ative

lax ative

talk ative

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