Meaning of ATOMIC in English

əˈtämik, -ēk also aˈ- adjective

also atomical -mə̇kəl, -ēk-

1. : of, relating to, or concerned with atoms

2. : marked by acceptance of the theory of atomism

3. : minute : divided into minute particles

4. : being ultimate, logically simple, unanalyzable, or noncompound either actually or taken as such within a given universe of discourse

“this is red” may be considered an atomic proposition

specifically : without sentential connectives and variables — compare monadic

5. of a chemical element : in the state of separate atoms : not combined with itself or with other elements

atomic hydrogen

6. : of, relating to, or utilizing changes in the nucleus of an atom:

a. : utilizing atomic energy

atomic power

atomic weapons

b. : utilizing or resulting from an atom bomb

atomic armaments

atomic warfare

an atomic explosion

• atom·i·cal·ly -mə̇k(ə)lē, -ēk-, -li adverb

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