Meaning of AUDIO in English

I. ˈȯdēˌō adjective

Etymology: audio-

1. : of or relating to acoustic, mechanical, or electrical frequencies in the range of audible sound

audio signal

audio amplifier

audio transformer


a. : of, relating to, or dealing with sound

audio waves

audio research

a new audio book

b. : relating to or used in the reproduction of sound (as in high-fidelity equipment)

an audio set

c. : relating to or used in the transmission or reception of sound (as in radio or television)

audio components of a television set

— compare video


a. : marked by special interest in and usually a technical knowledge of the mechanics of sound, especially its transmission, reception, and reproduction

audio experts

audio enthusiasts

b. : specializing in the manufacture, distribution, sale, or promotion of audio equipment

an audio supply house

an audio fair

4. : of or relating to high fidelity

a disc that pleases any audio connoisseur

a tape meeting exacting audio standards

II. noun

( -s )

1. : the transmission, reception, or reproduction of sound especially in high fidelity


a. : the section of television equipment used to supply sound : electronic equipment primarily designed to handle signals of an audible frequency

b. : the part of an electric or acoustic signal that falls in the audible frequency spectrum

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