Meaning of AULA in English

I. ˈau̇lə, ˈȯlə noun

( plural aulas -əz ; or au·lae ˈau̇ˌlī, ˈȯˌlē)

Etymology: German, from Latin, court, hall, from Greek aulē; probably akin to Greek iauein to rest, sleep, Armenian aganim I spend the night, and perhaps to Old English wērig weary — more at weary

1. : a hall or large room ; specifically : the assembly hall in a German school or university


[New Latin, from Latin]

: the anterior part of the third ventricle of the brain leading to the lateral ventricles

II. ˈau̇lə noun

( -s )

Etymology: Marathi āvḷā, from Sanskrit āmalaka

: emblic

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