Meaning of AUTOMATON in English


ȯˈtämətən, -əd.ən, -ət ə n also əˈtäm- or -məˌtän noun

( plural automatons -nz ; also automa·ta -mətə, -əd.ə sometimes -əˌtä or -əˌtȧ)

Etymology: Latin, from Greek, neuter of automatos self-acting, from aut- + -matos (akin to Sanskrit mata thought) — more at mind

1. archaic : something that has within itself the principle of its movements


a. : a mechanism that is relatively self-moving

b. : a contrivance or figure that appears to imitate the motions of men or animals : robot

tiny wooden soldiers that could be wound with a key and that would then march stiffly along — wonderful little automatons

3. : a machine or a controlling mechanism designed to follow automatically a predetermined sequence of operations or respond to encoded instructions and correct errors or deviations occurring during operation

4. : a creature whose actions are fixed, routine, and mechanical with little or no indication of active intelligence

dull unthinking human automatons

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