Meaning of BARRAGE in English

I. ˈbärij, ˈbȧr-, -rēj noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from barrer to bar + -age — more at bar

1. : the act or the result of barring ; specifically : an artificial dam placed in a river or watercourse to increase the depth of water or to divert it into a channel for navigation or irrigation

2. : the application of the forefinger of the left hand across some or all of the strings (as of a guitar) to change their pitch

3. : a space between two masses of mycelium caused by lack of compatibility between them

II. bəˈrä]zh, -ȧ] also ]j sometimes ba-, Brit usually ˈbaˌrȧzh\ noun

( -s )

Etymology: French ( tir de ) barrage barrier fire


a. : a barrier of fire especially of artillery and mortar fire laid on a line close to friendly troops to screen and protect them by inflicting losses on the enemy and by impeding or preventing enemy movement and fire ; broadly : a heavy bombardment of artillery fire — see box barrage , emergency barrage , normal barrage , rolling barrage , standing barrage

b. : a screen of antiaircraft-artillery fire

c. : a barrier consisting of a series of barrage balloons — called also aerial barrage

d. : a barrier of mines preventing the passage of ships

e. : a barrier created by nonexplosive weapons

the bowmen … laid down a barrage of arrows from the flanks — G.H.Fathauer

f. : a massive concentrated and usually continuous discharge or shower (as of missiles or blows)

killed by a barrage of stones … by sardonic townspeople — Springfield (Massachusetts) Union

2. : a rapid-fire massive or concentrated delivery or outpouring (as of speech or writing)

a barrage of footnotes — Geoffrey Bruun

speakers kept up an oratorical barrage — New York Times

III. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-s )

: to deliver a barrage against : attack with or subject to a barrage

the besiegers immediately barraged the enemy stronghold with a torrent of rifle fire — Sericana Quarterly

patrons … barraged the Post Office Department with letters of complaint — Newsweek

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