Meaning of BEHAVIOR in English


bə̇ˈhāvyə(r), bē- noun

( -s )

Usage: see -or

Etymology: alteration (influenced by havior ) of earlier behavour, from Middle English, from behaven to behave + -our -or


a. : the manner in which a person behaves in reacting to social stimuli

his flustered behavior before women

or to inner need

his behavior under the impress of loneliness

or to a combination thereof

hunger and poverty left their mark on her adult behavior

b. : an activity of a defined organism ; especially : observable activity when measurable in terms of quantifiable effects on the environment whether arising from internal or external stimulus


(1) : anything that an organism does that involves action and response to stimulation

(2) : the response of an individual, group, or species to the whole range of factors constituting its environment


a. : the treatment shown by a person toward another or others especially in its conformity with or divergence from the norms of good manners or social decorum

the gracious behavior of the hostess

loyal behavior toward his brothers

b. obsolete : good manners

3. : the peculiar reaction of (a thing) under given circumstances

the behavior of a new car

the behavior of dyes in certain weathers

the behavior of steel under stress

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