Meaning of BELLOWS in English


I. ˈbe(ˌ)lōz, -_ləz, formerly often & still sometimes especially in S -_ləs noun plural but singular or plural in construction

Etymology: Middle English bely, below belly, bellows — more at belly

1. : an instrument or machine that by alternate expansion and contraction or by rise and fall of the top draws in air through a valve or orifice and expels it more or less forcibly through a tube ; also : any of various forms of rotary and other blowers — compare blower 5

2. : lungs

the yell from the deep bellows of the man — Barnaby Conrad

3. : the pleated expansible part of leather, cloth, or similar material in a camera making a light-tight passage between the lens and the light-sensitive material at the back of the camera — see camera illustration

4. : any of various enclosures of variable volume with walls like those of an accordion (as in sealed expansion joints and thermostats)

II. transitive verb

( -ed/-ing/-es )

obsolete : to blow with or as if with bellows

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