Meaning of BI- in English


I. prefix

Etymology: Middle English, from Latin; akin to Old English twi- — more at twi-


a. : two

bi muscular

bi cycle

bi racial

b. : lasting two : coming or occurring every two

bi ennial

bi monthly

bi weekly

c. : into two parts

bi sect


a. : twice : doubly : on both sides

bi conic

bi convex

bi serrate

b. : coming or occurring two times

bi diurnal

bi quarterly

bi weekly

— often disapproved in this sense because of the likelihood of confusion with sense 1b; compare semi-

3. anatomy : between, involving, or affecting two (specified) symmetrical parts

bi gonial

bi -iliac

4. chemistry

a. : containing one (specified) constituent in double the proportion of the other constituent or in double the ordinary proportion — especially in names of acid salts formed with twice as much acid as is required for a normal salt

bi urate

b. : di- 2 — especially in names of organic compounds to denote the doubling of a radical or molecule

bi tolyl

bi phenol

II. combining form

or bio-

Etymology: Greek, from bios mode of life — more at quick

1. : life

bio blast

: living organisms or tissue

bi opsy

bio dynamics

2. : biology : biological

bio psychology

III. combining form

or bio-

: biographical

bio pic

: biographical and

bio critical

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