Meaning of BICEPS in English


ˈbīˌseps noun

( plural biceps also bi·ceps·es -ˌsepsə̇z)

Etymology: New Latin bicipit-, biceps, from Latin, two-headed, from bi- bi- (I) + -cipit-, -ceps (from capit-, caput head) — more at head

: a muscle having two heads or origins: as

a. : the large flexor muscle of the front of the upper arm arising by its short head from the coracoid process and by its long head from the upper margin of the glenoid cavity and being inserted into the tuberosity of the radius — called also biceps brachii, biceps humeri, biceps flexor cubiti

b. : a muscle that arises by its long head from the ischial tuberosity and by its short head from the shaft of the femur, that is inserted into the head of the fibula, its tendon forming the outer hamstring, and that flexes the leg on the thigh and extends the thigh on the trunk — called also biceps femoris, biceps flexor cruris

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