Meaning of BINDER in English


ˈbīndə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from binden + -er

1. : one that binds: as

a. : bookbinder

b. : buncher

c. : a worker who stitches decorative or reinforcing bindings to wearing apparel, household furnishings, or upholstery


a. : something that is used in binding (as a fillet, band, or cord)

b. : a broad bandage applied (as about the chest or abdomen) for support

breast binder

obstetrical binder

c. : a detachable cover or other device for holding together sheets of paper or similiar material (as sheet music or magazines) in loose-leaf form — see post binder , ring binder , spring binder

d. : the sheet of tobacco that binds the filler in a cigar next to the wrapper

e. : a band (as of straw) used for binding sheaves of grain ; also : a band (as of wire) used for binding bales

f. : a series of extra warp or weft threads that hold together the face and back of a cloth (as a double cloth) by interweaving without disturbing the surface patterns

g. North : rubber band


a. : something (as tar or cement) that produces or promotes cohesion in loosely assembled substances

b. : the nonvolatile portion of a paint vehicle

c. : a substance (as flour or cornstarch) used in cooking as a thickening agent or as an agent to improve consistency (as of a sauce)

d. : a fibrous material used in plaster and stucco to increase their cohesiveness while in the plastic state

e. : an adhesive used in a coated paper or a material used in the paper stock to make the paper firmer and less fuzzy

f. : a substance (as cereal, oil, clay, resin, or pitch) that causes cohesion of the grains of sand in foundry molds or cores

g. : a substance added to metal powder to assist in cohesion of the metal particles during sintering

h. : a substance (as glucose or acacia) used in pharmacy to hold together the ingredients of a compressed tablet

4. : a mechanical device used in binding: as

a. : a sewing-machine attachment for putting on bindings

b. : a harvesting machine that cuts grain and binds it into bundles

c. : a single machine designed to perform several operations in the construction of a book


a. : a beam, girder, or frame used to bind together the parts of a structure

b. : a springy pole used for tightening a chain binding together a load of logs

c. weaving : a lever in a shuttle box that prevents the rebound of the shuttle

d. : bondstone , header

e. : one of the fibers connecting the staples so as to form a piece or fleece of wool


a. : a written instrument used when an insurance policy cannot be immediately issued to evidence that the insurance coverage attaches at a specified time and continues subject to a maximum limitation until the policy is issued or the risk is declined and notice thereof given

b. : binding receipt

7. : a receipt for money paid to the owner or his agent to secure the right to purchase a piece of real estate upon agreed terms ; also : the money itself

8. : binder line

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