Meaning of BINOCULAR in English

I. (ˈ)bī|näkyələ(r) also bə̇ˈn- adjective

Etymology: bin- + ocular

1. : of or relating to both eyes

binocular infection

2. : employing both eyes at once ; specifically : producing an appearance of solidity or depth because of the slight difference in the two retinal images due to the angle from which each eye views an object

binocular vision

3. : adapted to the use of both eyes

a binocular microscope

• bin·oc·u·lar·i·ty (ˌ)bīˌnäkyəˈlarəd.ē also bə̇ˌn- noun -es

• bin·oc·u·lar·ly (ˈ)bī|näkyələ(r)lē, bə̇ˈn- adverb

II. bə̇näkyələ(r) also bī- noun

( plural binoculars ; but sometimes singular in construction )

: an optical instrument composed of two refracting telescopes mounted on a single frame and containing erecting systems usually with both focusing tubes simultaneously adjustable by means of a single screw

a 6-power binocular

the binoculars are in that leather case

— usually used in plural and often with pair

a pair of binoculars

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