Meaning of BLINDNESS in English


ˈblīnnə̇s noun

( -es )

Etymology: Middle English, from blind (I) + -ness

1. : want of discernment especially with reference to some particular object or matter : failure to exercise understanding, judgment, or discrimination


a. : the quality or state of being blind ; specifically : that of having less than 1/10 of normal vision in the more efficient eye when refractive defects are fully corrected by suitable lenses — compare color blindness

b. : psychic inability to perceive visual images although the visual receptors are functional — called also mental blindness, mind blindness, psychic blindness

c. : lack of sensory perception involving all or part of some sense other than sight

taste blindness

smell blindness


a. obsolete : concealment

b. : obscurity

4. of plants : failure to produce a growing tip or flowers or to develop vegetative parts — compare blind I 5a

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