Meaning of BLOCKING in English


I. noun

( -s )

1. : the act of one that blocks: as

a. : the act of obstructing, supporting, shaping, or stamping with or as if with a block or blocks

b. : the act or process of signaling by the block system


a. : blocks in quantity

stack the blocking to one side

b. : a wooden block, jack, or other device used as a temporary support especially in structural and machine erecting operations and in shipping ; broadly : material used to secure or brace something (as freight in a car)

3. psychology : interruption of a trend of associative thought by the arousal of a countertrend or through the welling up into consciousness of a complex of unpleasant ideas — compare blockage c

4. : adhesion between sheets of paper in a pile or in a roll in storage or use that can result in damage or loss — compare block II vi 2

5. : an atmospheric process that is often produced by a deep well-developed anticyclone and that deflects strong westerlies and eastward-moving storms from their usual paths

II. noun

: the planning and working out of the principal positions and movements of stage performers (as for a play)

camera shots, musical cues, blocking , makeup, costumes and the rest were run through — Robert Jacobson

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