Meaning of BLOWN in English


I. adjective

Etymology: Middle English blowen, from Old English geblōwen, from past participle of blōwan to blossom — more at blow

1. of a flower : open

2. of a place or plant : covered with flowers : flowery

II. adjective

Etymology: Middle English blowen, from past participle of blowen to blow — more at blow

1. : swollen , inflated , distended :

a. of animals : having the stomach distended (as with food that develops gas) : afflicted with bloat

b. of a sealed food container : swollen or misshapen by pressure resulting from spoilage of the contents

2. : moved or acted upon by moving air or vapor

blown clouds

blown soil mounded on window sills


a. : spoiled, tainted — used especially of food

b. : infested with fly larvae : flyblown

caring for blown sheep

4. : out of breath : tired , exhausted

their horses much blown — Sir Walter Scott

5. : destroyed or broken to pieces by explosion

troops delayed by a blown bridge

III. noun

( -s )

: bloat 2

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