Meaning of BREEDING in English



( -s )

Etymology: Middle English breding, from gerund of breden


a. : the action or process of bearing or generating

b. : gestation , hatching , origination , development

2. : ancestry

3. : training , education , bringing-up

she had her breeding at my father's charge — Shakespeare


a. : training in the proprieties : manners

he sometimes seems like a superior interviewer and goes a little beyond good breeding — O.W.Holmes †1935

his displays of temper show him to be a person of ill breeding

b. : good manners : meticulous or habitual observance of the proprieties

5. : the propagation of plants or animals ; especially : such propagation for the purpose of improving the plants or animals (as by selection after controlled mating or, especially in plants, hybridization)


a. : an instance of mating : service

b. : condition suitable for mating

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