Meaning of CALORIMETER in English


ˌkaləˈriməd.ə(r) noun

( -s )

Etymology: International Scientific Vocabulary calori- + -meter; originally formed as French calorimètre

: any of several apparatuses for measuring quantities of absorbed or evolved heat or for determining specific heats by means of (1) the change in temperature of a solid (as copper or silver), (2) the heat of combustion (as of coal) in a chamber consisting of a strong steel shell, (3) the continuous flow through a heat exchanger of a fluid whose specific heat is being measured, (4) the melting of a known mass of ice, (5) the condensation of a known mass of steam, (6) the change in temperature of a known mass of water or other liquid — called also respectively (1) aneroid calorimeter, (2) bomb calorimeter, (3) flow calorimeter, (4) ice calorimeter, (5) steam calorimeter, (6) water calorimeter ; see respiration calorimeter

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