Meaning of CARILLON in English


ˈkarəˌlän also -er- or -ələn or -rēˌyän or kȧrēyōⁿ or ( esp Brit ) kəˈrilyən noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, alteration of Old French quarregnon, from Late Latin quaternion-, quaternio set of four; probably from its consisting in early times of four bells — more at quaternion


a. : a set of fixed bells pitched in chromatic series of at least two octaves and sounded by hammers controlled by a keyboard, each bell being tuned to harmonize with the others — compare chime

b. : a mixture stop in a pipe organ imitating a carillon

c. : an instrument imitating a carillon by electronically amplifying the sounds made by striking small variously shaped metallic bodies — called also electronic carillon


a. : a composition for the carillon

b. : a composition suggesting the sound of bells

3. : bell tower , campanile

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