Meaning of CASTING in English


( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from gerund of casten to cast

1. : the act of one that casts: as

a. : the act or process of making casts or impressions or of shaping in a mold (as in making pottery or forming metal objects by pouring molten metal into a mold)

b. : the throwing of a fishing line by means of a rod and reel — see bait casting , fly casting , surf casting

c. : the assignment of parts and duties to actors or performers

insight into the workings of an opera house, its casting , its repertory and its general management — Harriett Johnson

2. : something that is cast in a mold ; specifically : an object (as of metal, plaster or glass) so cast

3. : something that is cast out or off (as skin, feathers, or excrement): as

a. : wormcast

b. : pellet 1e

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