Meaning of CATTLE in English


ˈkad. ə l, ˈkat ə l noun

( plural cattle ; usually plural in construction )

Usage: often attributive

Etymology: Middle English catel, from Old North French, personal property, from Medieval Latin capitale, from Latin, neuter of capitalis of the head — more at capital


a. : live domesticated quadrupeds (as sheep, horses, swine) held as property or raised for some use ; specifically : bovine animals (as cows, bulls, steers) kept on a farm or ranch

b. : domesticated or feral animals of the genus Bos comprising the many breeds of the common ox that have arisen either from the urus with some admixture of zebu blood by crossbreeding and selection among strains or according to some authorities from the Celtic ox ( B. longifrons ) — see beef breed , dairy breed , dual-purpose breed

2. : human beings especially en masse — usually used derogatorily

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