Meaning of CELESTIAL in English


I. sə̇ˈles(h)chəl sometimes -estēəl adjective

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin caelestis celestial (from caelum sky, heaven, atmosphere, temperature) + Middle French -al — more at -hood


a. : of or relating to heaven

celestial hosts

the gods of the celestial regions

b. : felt to resemble or as if proceeding from something divine

a celestial brightness … on her face — H.W.Longfellow

2. : of or relating to the sky ; specifically : representing the visible bodies in the sky

a celestial map

a celestial globe


a. : ethereal , otherworldly

the celestial quiet of an autumn snow

b. : olympian , supreme

the celestial impudence of the boy — Leonard Bacon

4. : of the color celestial

5. usually capitalized

[from Celestial Empire, old name for China, translation of Chinese T'ien 1 Ch'ao 2 ]

: of or relating to a native of China, the Chinese, or the Chinese nation

• ce·les·tial·ly -əlē, -li adverb

• ce·les·tial·ness noun -es

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a heavenly or mythical being

the celestials instructed the Indian maid to summon her people to council

2. usually capitalized : a native of China

3. or celestial blue : sky blue

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