Meaning of CENTRIC in English


ˈsen.trik, -rēk adjective

Etymology: Greek kentrikos of the center, from kentron center, sharp point

1. : located in or at a center : central

a centric point


a. : having a center : having parts grouped around or directed to a center

a centric activity

b. : tending to cluster around a center : marked by concentration on something as of central importance

centric ideas

3. : of or relating to a nerve center


a. of leaves : cylindrical , terete

b. : of or concerning the order Centrales

c. of a diatom : having the surface markings radially arranged (as in members of the order Centrales)


[translation of German zentrisch ]

of a rock : having a texture (as oolitic, ocellar) in which the constituents are grouped about a center

6. : possessing or relating to a centromere

7. of dental occlusion : involving spatial relationships such that all teeth of both jaws meet in a normal manner and forces exerted by the lower on the upper jaw are perfectly distributed in the dental arch

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