Meaning of CHANT in English

I. ˈchantˌ-aa(ə)-, -ai-, -ȧ- verb

or archaic chaunt -ä-, -ȯ-, -ȧ-

( -ed/-ing/-s )

Etymology: Middle English chanten, from Middle French chanter, from Latin cantare, from cantus, past participle of canere

intransitive verb

1. : to make melodic sounds with the voice : sing , warble , intone ; especially : to sing a chant or something resembling a chant

2. : to utter a statement in a monotonous tone especially repetitively : recite monotonously or with insistent repetition

transitive verb

1. : to utter as in chanting : sing , warble , intone : recite monotonously

singers chanted some of the Psalms — K.S.Latourette

the auctioneer … chanting his peculiar singsong jargon — American Guide Series: Missouri

2. : to celebrate or praise in song or chant

chanting the virtues of patriotism

chanting one's love

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from Latin cantus, from cantus, past participle of canere to sing; akin to Old English hana rooster, Old High German hano, Old Norse hani, Gothic hana, Greek kanachē ringing sound, and probably to Russian kanya, a bird of prey with a harsh voice

1. : song , singing

with chant of tuneful birds resounding loud — John Milton


a. : a hymnlike repetitive melody used in liturgical singing (as of psalms, canticles, or anthems) to which the successive nonmetrical verses are fitted by assigning as many syllables to each tone as required

neither the magnificence of the church … nor the harmony of the chant form the substance of religion — Valentine Ughet & Eleanor Davis

b. : a singing or speaking in monotone often with strongly marked rhythmic stresses and usually repetitively

the rhythmical chant of an auctioneer

c. : a composition serving for or designed for such singing or speaking

d. : way 19

3. : the act, practice, or art of performing liturgical chants

4. : a statement of opinion that has been frequently repeated

the consumer's chant for lower prices

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