Meaning of CHARE in English

I. ˈcha(a)(ə)r, -e(ə)r, -a(a)ə, -eə noun

or char chär, chȧ(r

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English cherre, char turn, time, piece of work, from Old English cierr, cyrr; akin to Old English cierran to turn, Old Norse kjarr underbrush, Greek gerron wicker shield, wicker body of a cart; basic meaning: turn, bend, twist

1. : an occasional piece of work : an odd job or task especially of housework : chore

2. dialect England : a narrow lane, alley, or street

II. transitive verb

or char “

( chared or charred ; chared or charred ; charing or charring ; chares or chars )

Etymology: Middle English charren, charen to turn, from Old English cierran

archaic : to finish off (as a job)

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