Meaning of CHEMIC in English


I. ˈkemik, -ēk adjective

Etymology: alteration (influenced by Late Greek chēmeia alchemy) of earlier chimic, from New Latin chimicus alchemist, from Medieval Latin alchimicus, from alchimia, alchymia alchemy + Latin -icus -ic — more at alchemy

1. archaic : of or relating to alchemy

2. : of or relating to chemistry : chemical

II. noun

also chem·ick “

( -s )

1. obsolete

a. : alchemist

b. : chemist

2. textile manuf

a. usually chemick , archaic : a bleaching powder or a solution of bleaching powder or of calcium hypochlorite

b. : a dilute solution of sodium hypochlorite


variant of chemick

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