Meaning of CHINA in English

I. ˈchīnə noun

( -s )

Etymology: modification (influenced by China, the country) of Persian chīnī (Chinese) porcelain


a. : porcelain 1a ; also : vitreous porcelain wares (as dishes, vases, ornaments) for domestic use as distinguished from industrial whitewares

b. : earthenware or porcelain tableware

set the table with the good china

c. : crockery



[by shortening]

: chinaroot


[from China, the country]

: sweet orange

II. adjective

Etymology: from China, country in Asia

1. usually capitalized : of, from, or native to China

a China pig

a China pheasant

: produced in or of a kind or type prevalent or originally produced in China

China silk

: chinese


[ china (I) ]

a. : made of china

b. : resembling porcelain (as in hardness or finish

a woman with a set china face

also : of the opaque blue characteristic of certain chinas

a china- eyed dog

III. ˈkēnə noun

( -s )

Etymology: modification of Spanish quina, perhaps from Quechua kina

: cinchona

IV. ˈchīnə noun

( -s )

Etymology: perhaps short for china plate, rhyming slang for mate

slang Britain : companion , pal

swapping yarns with my two old chinas

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