Meaning of CHUG in English


I. ˈchəg noun

also chug-chug ˈ ̷ ̷ˈ ̷ ̷

( -s )

Etymology: imitative

: a sound made by or suggestive of the muffled firing of an engine ; typically : one of a series of dull explosive sounds made by a laboring engine

II. intransitive verb

( chugged ; chugged ; chugging ; chugs )

1. : to make chugs : make the intermittent explosive sound of a firing motor

chugging overladen old cars — Russell Lord

2. : to proceed or operate with or as if with chugs : travel in a vehicle or ship that chugs

with 75 pounds of steam from her wood-fired boiler she puffed and chugged — Tom Marvel

over these highways the farmers chugged to market — American Guide Series: Washington

III. ˈchəg verb

( chugged ; chugged ; chugging ; chugs )

Etymology: by shortening

: chugalug herein

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