Meaning of COBALT in English

ˈkōˌbȯlt also -bält or chiefly Brit kəˈbȯlt noun

( -s )

Etymology: German kobalt, alteration (influenced by New Latin cobaltum, modification of German kobold ) of German kobold cobalt, kobold, from Middle High German kobolt kobold, from kobe hut, cage + -olt (probably akin to Old High German holdo spirit, from hold gracious); from its appearance in silver ore where it was believed to have been placed by silver-stealing goblins; akin to Old English cofa den and to Old High German hald inclined — more at cove , heel

1. : a hard magnetic silver-white bivalent and trivalent metallic element belonging to the same family as iron and nickel, occurring usually with nickel or copper either native in nickel-iron alloys (as in meteors) or combined in minerals from which it is isolated chiefly as a by-product, being essential as a trace element in animal and plant nutrition, and being used to produce magnetic alloys and hard alloys resistant to abrasion, corrosion, and high temperatures — symbol Co ; see cobalt 60, element table

2. : the azure of the cloudless sky

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