Meaning of COEFFICIENT in English


I. |kō+ adjective

Etymology: co- + efficient

: acting together to produce an effect

• co·efficiently “+ adverb

II. noun

( -s )

Etymology: New Latin coefficient-, coefficiens, from Latin co- + efficient-, efficiens — more at efficient

1. : something that unites in action to produce an effect : a joint agent

2. : any of the factors (as constants) of a product considered in relation to another factor (as a variable)

in 6 x, bx, x(a + b), 3 xyz the coefficients of x are respectively 6, b, (a + b), 3 yz


a. : a number that serves as a measure of some property (as of a substance or body) or characteristic (as of a device or process) and that is commonly used as a factor in computations

the coefficient of expansion of a metal

the absorption coefficient of a medium for light

the coupling coefficient of a transformer

b. : measure , degree

a coefficient of culture that greatly surpassed the cultural mean — V.V.Nabokov

coefficients of feeling — C.I.Glicksberg

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