Meaning of COLORATION in English


ˌkələˈrāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: French, from Middle French, from colorer to color + -ation


a. : the state of being colored : coloring 1c

a rock with a strange and interesting coloration

the coloration of the skin from a bruise

b. : use or choice of colors (as by an artist)

Millet's subdued coloration

specifically : arrangement or combination of colors

the brilliant coloration of a butterfly's wing


a. : characteristic quality : timbre

the newspapers … took on the former coloration of the magazines — L.B.Seltzer

b. : aspect suggesting an attitude : persuasion , attitude , inclination

the chameleon talent for taking on the intellectual coloration of whatever idea he happened to fasten onto — Budd Schulberg

3. : subtle variation of intensity or quality of tone

a haunting coloration in the string passages of the concerto

a certain odd coloration in his voice

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