Meaning of COLOSSUS in English

kəˈläsəs noun

( plural colossuses -səsə̇z ; or colossi -ˌsī, -_sē)

Etymology: Latin, from Greek kolossos

1. : a huge statue of greater than heroic size and proportions

fronting the Amon temple four gigantic colossi were erected — D.A.Mackenzie

2. : one marked by great size, scope, strength, power, or effect and able to dwarf or dominate others:

a. : a nation vastly larger and more powerful than those near it

Latin-American distrust and fear of the colossus to the north

b. : a huge and powerful industrial concern

a colossus with eight plants, some 44,000 employees — Time

c. : one remarkably outstanding and preeminent over others

such an artistic colossus as Michelangelo — Hunter Mead

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