Meaning of COMMUTATION in English


ˌkämyəˈtāshən noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English, from Middle French, from Latin commutation-, commutatio, from commutatus past participle of commutare to change) + -ion-, -io -ion — more at commute

1. : exchange , trade , barter

the transatlantic commutation of experts — Fortune

2. archaic : change , alteration

3. : substitution , interchange , replacement

4. : substitution in a charge, assessment, payment, or remuneration of one form, method, schedule, or amount for another : an arrangement effecting such substitution : money or other value involved

commutation by money payment in place of the exacted service

a commutation whereby the remaining payments were lumped together

officers living off the post receiving rental allowance commutation


a. : change of a legal penalty or punishment to a lesser one

commutation of the death sentence to a long prison term

b. : substitution of one work for another in fulfilling a religious vow

6. : act of commuting : travel back and forth between two points, especially between home and work, repeated a certain number of times within a given interval


a. : reversal or transference of the connections between an armature coil and the external circuit in a direct-current dynamo or motor

b. : the partial overlapping of successive cycles of current from successive anodes in a polyphase rectifier

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