Meaning of COMPENSATOR in English

ˈkämpənˌsād.ə(r), -ˌpen- noun

( -s )

Etymology: compensate + -or

: one that compensates: as

a. : autotransformer

b. : balancer set 1

c. : compass corrector

d. : a combination of quartz plates of wedge shape used to measure the phase difference between the two rectangular vibration components of elliptically polarized light

e. : a photographic device (as a star diaphragm or suitably graded neutral-density filter) for holding back the light in the middle of the field of a wide-angle lens to allow proper exposure at the corners

f. : a portion of a direction finder that automatically applies a correction to the direction indication and that commonly consists of a mechanical arrangement of cams

g. : a device fitted to the muzzle of a firearm that reduces recoil by directing part of the powder gases through a series of lateral vents — compare muzzle brake

h. : an electrical equalizer designed to compensate for the recording characteristic of a record and usually connected between a pickup and an amplifier

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