Meaning of COMPREHENSIVE in English

I. | ̷ ̷ ̷ ̷|hen(t)siv, -sēv also -səv adjective

Etymology: Latin comprehensivus, from comprehensus + -ivus -ive


a. : covering a matter under consideration completely or nearly completely : accounting for or comprehending all or virtually all pertinent considerations : inclusive

a comprehensive question

a comprehensive plan

a comprehensive list

a comprehensive index to rare coins

a comprehensive whole

b. of insurance : covering all hazards of a given type with the exception of individual hazards specifically excluded

a comprehensive insurance policy

comprehensive automobile liability

comprehensive coverage

2. : having the power to understand or grasp : of wide mental grasp

a comprehensive head for financial problems

a comprehensive student of racial affairs

a comprehensive knowledge of physics


a. of a school : consolidated

b. of a secondary school : offering a full set of curricula (as college preparatory, commercial, and vocational courses together with extracurricular activities)

a comprehensive high school

4. logic : relating to comprehension : connotative , intensive

• com·pre·hen·sive·ly -sə̇vlē, -li adverb

II. noun

( -s )

1. : a finished or highly detailed layout (as of a proposed advertisement) intended to show how a printed version would appear

2. or comprehensive examination : an examination designed to test general mastery of a broad academic field (as one taken at the end of the sophomore college year to test a student's readiness to specialize or at the end of the senior college year to test a student's mastery of his field of concentration) — often used in plural

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