Meaning of CONCOURSE in English

ˈkänˌkōrs, -ˌkȯrs, -ōəs also -äŋˌ- noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English concurs, concourse, from Middle French & Latin; Middle French concours, from Latin concursus, from past participle of concurrere to run together — more at concur

1. : an act or action of flocking, moving, or flowing together (as of persons or streams) : an approaching and merging


a. : a meeting produced by voluntary or spontaneous moving and coming together at one place : confluence , gathering , meeting , crowd , throng

b. obsolete : an encounter of hostile forces

c. : conjunction 5

3. : a place or point of meeting: as

a. : an open space where several roads or paths meet

b. : an open space or hall where crowds may gather especially by chance coming together (as in a large railroad terminal)

4. law

a. : the arising of two or more actions that are founded upon the same state of facts and may be pursued simultaneously or consecutively

b. Scots law : the arising of a criminal and a civil action on the same grounds

5. archaic : cooperation

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