Meaning of CONDENSER in English


-sə(r) noun

( -s )

1. : a person that condenses: as

a. : one that prepares short versions of literary material

a condenser who prepared juvenile versions of many classic tales

b. : an operator of a condensing machine or device

2. : a machine, instrument, or device that condenses: as

a. : compressor b

b. : capacitor

c. : a lens or mirror usually of short focal length used to concentrate light upon an object

d. : a device that doffs the web from the carding machine and separates and condenses it into slivers or rovings

e. : an apparatus in which steam or water vapor is condensed to water especially for the purpose of reducing the back pressure in a steam engine or steam turbine, which renders it possible to obtain a greater amount of useful work per pound of steam used


(1) : any of various pieces of apparatus for condensing gases or vapors to a liquid or solid state (as a tube surrounded by cold water in a still) — see still illustration

(2) : a body that accepts heat rejected (as in a refrigerating system or a heat engine)

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