Meaning of CONDUIT in English


ˈkän(ˌ)düə̇t, -ˌdwit, -_dəwə̇t, -də̇t, usu -d.+V noun

( -s )

Etymology: Middle English condut, condit, conduit, from Middle French conduit, literally, action of leading, commanding — more at conduct

1. : a natural or artificial channel through which water or other fluid passes or is conveyed : aqueduct , pipe

the conduit of a volcano

all the conduits of my blood froze up — Shakespeare

2. archaic : fountain

the conduits round the garden sing — D.G.Rossetti


a. obsolete : a passage within or between parts of a building

b. : a narrow often underground passage for private communication

4. : pipe, tube, or tile for receiving and protecting electric wires or cables (as for telephones or power lines)

5. : a means of conveying or distributing money

the doctrine that corporations are a conduit for profits — J.T.Norman

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