Meaning of CONNECTED in English

I. adjective

1. : joined or linked together

a connected series

2. : having the parts or elements logically related

a connected view of the problem

or continuous

connected reading from the great authors

3. : related by blood or marriage

a well- connected Edinburgh family — Rosemary Benét

a well- connected Marylander — it was supposed that his grandfather was the younger brother of the Earl of Wemyss — Van Wyck Brooks

4. chess

a. of pawns : on adjacent squares

b. of rooks : mutually supported (as on an empty rank)

• con·nect·ed·ly adverb

• con·nect·ed·ness noun -es

II. adjective

of a set : having the property that any two of its points can be joined by a line completely contained in the set ; also : incapable of being separated into two or more closed disjoint subsets — compare simply connected herein

• con·nect·ed·ness noun

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