Meaning of CONVERGENCE in English


-jən(t)s noun

( -s )


a. : the act or condition of converging

convergence of two valleys

: tendency or movement toward union or uniformity

convergence of the earnings of skilled and unskilled workers

: coming together or joining so as to bear on a single object or conclude in a single product

convergence of kindred qualities in two otherwise alien tongues — J.L.Lowes

b. : an embryonic movement that involves streaming of material from the dorsal and lateral surfaces of the gastrula toward the blastopore and concurrent shifting of lateral materials toward the mid-dorsal line and that is a process fundamental to the establishment of the germ layers

2. : the state or property of being convergent

3. : the development or possession of similar characters by animals or plants of different groups due to similarity in habits or environment (as the resemblance in form of body of the whales and fishes) — compare parallelism , radiation

4. anthropology : the independent apparently accidental development of similarities between separate cultures — compare diffusion , parallelism

5. : movement of the two eyes so coordinated that the images of a single point fall on corresponding points of the two retinas

6. : overlapping synaptic innervation of a single cell by more than one nerve fiber — compare facilitation

7. : the accumulation of air in a layer or region due to inflowing winds

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