Meaning of CONVERGENT in English

-jənt adjective

Etymology: Medieval Latin convergent-, convergens, present participle of convergere — more at converge

1. : tending to move toward one point or to approach each other : converging

convergent lines

: coming together : joining

great convergent movement of the nations to make a world peace — H.G.Wells


a. : exhibiting convergence in form, function, or development

b. : of or relating to the process of convergent evolution by which genetically distinct organisms sharing a common environment come to mimic one another — compare radiation


a. of an improper integral : having a value that is a real number

b. : characterized by having the n th term or the sum of the first n terms approach a finite limit

a convergent sequence

a convergent series

— see absolutely convergent

• con·ver·gent·ly adverb

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