Meaning of COOKER in English


I. ˈku̇kə(r) noun

( -s )

1. : a utensil, device, or apparatus for cooking

2. : an eatable for cooking as opposed to being served or eaten raw

we had better grade those apples as cookers

3. : one that cooks or attends the cooking process of foods or of ingredients of commercial products: as

a. : one that cooks grain meal to prepare a mash that will be distilled into high wine for use in gin, whiskey, and commercial alcohol

b. : one that cooks veneer by steam pressure to harden the glue

c. : a worker who uses mixing, cooking, and cooling equipment to process cereals

d. : a worker who cooks ground cottonseed or linseed meal in steam kettles prior to its being formed into cakes and pressed

4. Britain : cookstove

II. noun

: a small and often makeshift container (as a bottlecap) in which a drug (as heroin) is heated and dissolved in water

Webster's New International English Dictionary.      Новый международный словарь английского языка Webster.