Meaning of COROZO in English


kəˈrō(ˌ)sō noun

or co·ro·jo -rōˌhō ; also co·ro·so -rō(ˌ)sō

( -s )

Etymology: American Spanish, from Spanish corozo, corojo fruit pit, from (assumed) Vulgar Latin carudium, from Greek karydion small nut, diminutive of karyon nut — more at careen

1. also corozo palm : any of several tropical American palms: as

a. : ivory palm

b. : cohune palm

c. : coyol 1

d. : any of several palms of the genus Cocos

2. also corozo nut : the seed of the ivory palm

3. also corozo fiber : a strong leaf fiber obtained from a coyol ( Acrocomia lasiospatha ) and used for making ropes

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