Meaning of CRINOIDEA in English

krə̇ˈnȯidēə, -rīˈ- noun plural

Usage: capitalized

Etymology: New Latin, from Greek krinon lily + New Latin -oidea

: a large class of chiefly tropical or fossil echinoderms that have a more or less cup-shaped body provided with five or more feathery arms commonly bifurcated or many-branched and bearing pinnules, a mouth lying between the arms on the concave upper surface, and opposite the mouth usually a long jointed stalk fixed to the base of the body and having its opposite end divided into rhizoid processes that anchor the animal to the sea bottom — compare comatulid , sea lily

• cri·noi·de·an krə̇ˈnȯidēən, (ˈ)krī|- adjective or noun

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